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Children Swings,Play Equipment,Play School Furniture,Playground Equipments,Kids Slides Manufacturers,Kids Toys
Quality Assurance
At Gro Kids International, we understand the importance of quality and the long way it goes in establishing a company as a reliable brand. Our products are superior in quality and are rigorously checked for defects, if any. We have a team of trained supervisors to monitor the manufacturing process on a continuous basis to ensure quality, durability and good finishing.
Our quality control department, test our designs and models for fatigue & durability to ensure maximum safety and comfort for children. A composite of quality materials such as steel, fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, etc, our products ensure maximum strength, durability & cost effectiveness in the long run.
We are committed to constantly improve the designs of our equipment to ensure same quality but at a reduced cost for the benefit of our customers.
Playground Equipments, Play Equipments, Children Swings, Kids Slides, Spring Rider